CMAS Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt has now Started!

This year, we’re doing our Easter Egg hunt on our website.

To take part, you just need to find all 20 Eggs that Chil has hidden around the various pages of the CMAS website.  Some are easier than others…  Each egg has a number, and the name of a Jungle Book character next to it; when you have found them all, email with the list in order.

You can start any time from Easter weekend onwards (Saturday 11th April).  The first Kea, Cub or Scout to send me the entire list will win a prize… and there might be prizes for other achievements, too.  You can email me your list any time, and update it later if you want.  All updates will go on the scoreboard below.

For a clue, you can find the first egg on the Home Page.  The scoreboard is below; email Chil with your progress to get on it.

This is what an egg looks like!
…but this one doesn’t count. Sorry!

Current Scoreboard

Name Group Eggs Found
Time Completed
Nathan Ko CMAS Cubs 20 Sat 10:21 NZST
Alex Young CMAS Cubs 20 Sat 13:18 NZST
Blake Every CMAS Cubs 20 Sun 12:01 NZST
Isaac Chiang CMAS Cubs 20 Mon 12:39 NZST
Archie Gilchrist CMAS Cubs 20 Mon 13:12 NZST
William Shipway CMAS Cubs 20 Tue 11:00 NZST
Syon Ahuja CMAS Cubs 19