Who are our Leaders?

All our leaders are volunteers, and give their time willingly. Leaders undergo relevant training so as to deliver the National Programs issued by Scouting New Zealand in a safe and age appropriate manner.  Leaders are all Police vetted, and hold a St. Johns First Aid certificate.  Many have additional qualifications and training in various other activities that are occasionally run by the group.  Often, leaders are parents of existing or past scouts, who saw the benefit to their child and wanted to give something back to the organisation.

We are always looking out for new leaders, so should you feel you have something to give and advance our group then please ask any of our leaders or contact our Group leader.

See the individual Leaders Profiles for more information about individual leaders.

Becoming a Leader

You wish to become a Scout Leader?  Great!  We are always looking for new people who are willing to volunteer and help support the organisation.

First of all, you should talk with a current leader in the appropriate section (Keas, Cubs, or Scouts).  They will be able to tell you more, and get your application started.  You will also need to complete some training before you can become fully Warranted and receive your scarf.

You will need to:

  • Fill out the Warrant Application form: Warrant Application Form Request and Consent NZ Police Form.  This contains the information for the next few steps…
  • Be police vetted (this may take some time).  As long as you do not have any criminal convictions, this should not be an issue.
  • Provide two character references who have known you for a long time.  Your employer could be one of them, for example.
  • Have a current St John First Aid certificate.  The Scouts organise this periodically, or you can contact St John directly; you may already have the qualification through your workplace, if you are a designated firstaider.   You can arrange this after you receive your warrant, though it is better to get it done early.
    Once you have been provisionally accepted as a leader, you can book a “First Aid Level 1” course on the St John website, and claim the costs back from Scouts.
  • Complete Leader training courses, and learn the basic skills.  There are two courses to complete – Initial Training with Practical 1 (2 days), and Practical 2 Training (1 day).  These are usually scheduled once every term, but you can see the dates on the Zone Calendar.  You should complete the first 2-day course before you receive your warrant.

Once you have received your Warrant, there are additional training courses you can optionally take to gain more skills in Scouting, such as certification for activities such as sailing, climbing, caving, and so on.

Note that you are able to start working as an Assistant Leader once the reference checks have been made, but you do not receive your Warrant until you have completed the first training and had your Police check completed.

Once you have been a Warranted Leader for at least a year, you can optionally take additional SAPD training to gain more skills, and qualify for the ‘Wood badge’.

Parent Helpers

If you want to help out, but do not have the available time to commit to becoming a Leader, then you can still volunteer as a Parent Helper for certain events, such as camps. Parent Helpers are also Police vetted, so if you feel you can help us out, please let a leader know so that the paperwork can be completed.  Then, you’ll be able to help out at events, under the guidance of a Warranted Leader.

For more information on this, see the Parent Helpers page.

Committee members

If you want to help out, but cannot take on the full role of Leader, then maybe you would like to join the Committee.  We need people to fill the various administrative roles that allow Captain Musick Scouts to operate – see the Committee page for details on what these roles are.  Elections are held every December at the AGM.