Flight Radar 24

12 May, 2019 Chil 0

The Captain Musick den hosts an ADS-B Receiver for the FlightRadar24 network. This is a small, RaspberryPi-based device that collects identification data broadcast by aircraft […]

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Camp Equipment

19 November, 2017 Site Admin 0

What do you need? Plate and cutlery The camping plate, bowl and cutlery should be metal (stainless steel or enamel) or plastic, and strong enough […]

Campfire Blanket

4 August, 2017 Site Admin 0

History One of the traditions of Scouting is the Campfire Blanket.  This is, of course, to keep you warm while sat around the campfire; but […]

2017 Term 1

1 February, 2017 Site Admin 0

2017 Term 1 The dates for the first meetings of the year are as follows: Keas: Monday 13th February (remember that the 6th is a […]