Badge Placements
Badge Placements (click image for full size)

All members should wear their uniform to meetings and events, unless instructed otherwise.

The uniform consists of :

  • Light blue Air Scouting shirt (available from Scouting Direct – be careful you do not get dark blue or beige, which are for Sea and Land scouts respectively)
  • Scout scarf (this is awarded when the scout is invested and is included in the joining fee)
  • Dark trousers or skirt (often, school uniform trousers or skirt can be used).  Note that, due to the physical nature of many of our activities, skirts can be problematic and so we recommend trousers as a better option.
  • Dark closed-toe shoes (not sandals, crocs, or jandals as these do not fully protect the feet during physical activities)

On certain events, you may optionally wear an “Adventure Plus” t-shirt or Hoodie instead of scout shirt.  The leaders will inform you beforehand if this is the case.  There is also an optional Scouts Cap that can be warn outside as sun protection.

Badges are awarded for achievements as well as to identify group, section and zone.  The image to the right details where these should be placed on your shirt (click the image for larger). See the section pages for examples of each sections badge placements.

It is important to wear appropriate footwear.  If a scout is wearing inappropriate or unsafe shoes, they may not be allowed to take part in certain activities for safety reasons.

You can buy uniforms from Scouting Direct; they may also be obtained second-hand in some cases.  If you are interested in buying or selling second-hand uniforms, please contact uniforms@cmas.org.nz

If you have difficulty in finding the necessary funds to purchase a new uniform, then please talk in confidence to a leader.  We may be able to assist with spare items or discretionary funding.