Cubs Regular Events

There are many regular events in the Cubs’ calendar.  Here is a summary of some of the ones you might be able to take part in over the year.

Term One

  • Group Camp (G)
  • Mudslide day (N)
  • Founder’s Day (N)
  • Desert Hike
  • Zone Raft Race (Z)
  • Waitangi Day (N)
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Blueberry picking

Term Two

  • Regional Swim Sport (Z)
  • ANZAC Day (N)
  • JOTT (N)
  • Ardmore Warbirds
  • Section Camp
  • Sign Language Week (N)
  • Awhitu hike

Term Three

  • Sixer Course or Link Camp (Z)
  • Pinewood Derby (N)
  • Scarf Day (N)
  • Zone Campfire (Z)
  • Zone Cub Hike (Z)
  • KNZB Cleanup (N)

Term Four

  • Zone Cub Camp (Z)
  • JOTI (N)
  • Model Gala (Z)
  • Garage Sale (G)
  • Ambury Farm day (Z)
  • Internet Treasure Hunt
  • Caves hike

Items in italics are not always taken part in.
Items in bold are major events of the year.

Items marked (N) are National Events (joined with other groups throughout New Zealand)
Items marked (Z) are Zone Events (joined with all the other Cub groups in Manukau)
Items marked (G) are Group Events (joined with our Scout and Kea sections)
Other items are for just our Cubs section, possibly in conjunction with Farm Cove Cubs.

JOTT :Jamboree On The Trail.  This is when every scout worldwide goes on a hike.

JOTI : Jamboree On The Internet.  This is when we can link up with other scouts worldwide via the Internet for activities, and to exchange codes and messages.

Mudslide : This is a day for mud-related activities

Desert Hike : This is a hike over the giant sand dunes at Lake Wainamu

Blueberry Picking : This is over in the Awhitu Peninsula, usually a day trip including packed lunch and a visit to the beach

Caves hike : This is around the shore at Whiatipu, visiting the caves and learning the history of the area

Internet Treasure Hunt : A competition between sixes, sometimes in conjunction with Farm Cove group, to answer questions using the Internet resources.

Pinewood Derby : A competition, sometimes in conjunction with Farm Cove, to make wooden model cars for racing.

KNZB Cleanup : An annual event to work to clean up a selected beach or reserve

Model Gala : A bi-annual event, a competition in aircraft model making.