Cubs Annual Awards

When are they Awarded?

The Anual Group Awards are presented at the AGM, every year in December. 

In addition, there is a special award given on Founder’s day in February.

What is the Founder’s Day Award?

Every year, one member of Captain Musick (usually a Scout or Venturer, but sometimes a Cub) is nominated for the Founder’s Day award.  This is Zone-level recognition of a member who is living our Values and contributing to our Group.

Being awarded this certificate is a big recognition of achievement.

The only cub to have wont this in the last few years was Angela Zhang.

What are the Annual Group Awards for?

There are now four awards that can be won.  Three of them represent our Scouting Values – Have Respect, Do what is Right, and Be Positive.  The fourth recognises effort put into the Personal Challenge badge work.

  • Personal Challenge : To the Cub who managed to earn the most Personal Challenge badges during the year.  This award should be returned by December the next year as your name is engraved onto it, and it is passed on the the next Cub to win.
  • Have Respect: This is awarded to the Cub who has most shown that they are living this value.  It could be respect for their family, for Scouting, for the Environment or for themselves.
  • Do What is Right: This is awarded to a Cub who has done the right thing, even when it may have been difficult to choose the right path. It also applies to Cubs who have met new challenges and grown in their ability and confidence.
  • Be Positive: Awarded to the Cub who has been the best at facing new challenges with a positive attitude during the year, however difficult the challenges may have been.

Past Awards

In the past, we had several trophies for different categories that were returned and engraved with the recipient’s name at the end of the year.  However, it proved difficult to retrieve these and so the current system now has trophies which may be kept in perpetuity.

List of Recipients


  • Personal Challenge:  Molly Powell
  • Have Respect: Max McCormick
  • Do What is Right: William Shipway
  • Be Positive: Syon Ahuja


  • Personal Challenge: William Shipway (runners up: Syon Ahuja, Kingsley Chen)
  • Have Respect: Melanie Yin (runner up: Harry Stevenson)
  • Do What is Right: Alicia Kao
  • Be Positive: Eunice Guo (runner up: Syon Ahuja)


  • Personal Challenge: Daniella Bremner (runners up: Archie Gilchrist, Austin Thornton)
  • Have Respect: Effie King (runner up: William Shipway)
  • Do What is Right: Syon Ahuja (runner up: Nathan Ko)
  • Be Positive: Jayden Hu (runner up: Eunice Guo)


  • Personal Challenge: Theo Haught
  • Have Respect: Effie King
  • Do What is Right: Archie Gilchrist
  • Be Positive: Danesh Variara
  • “All the Badges” award: Archie Gilchrist, Austin Thornton


  • Be Positive: Blake Wilson
  • Have Respect: Olivia
  • Do what is right: Desmond
  • Personal Challenge: Archie