Online Application for Membership

Printable form

If you prefer, you can print out an application form, fill it in, and hand it in to a leader on a meeting night. However it’s probably easier to use the new online application form below.

Membership Application

Please fill out this form in as much detail as possible. If there are no places currently available in the section, then your child will be placed on a waiting list, and you will be contacted when spaces become free.

Any information on this form is used in the Scouts New Zealand OSM tool, and is not shared with any third parties without additional authorisation.

1. About your child

if different
Choose the section you are applying for, based on your child's age
If your child has been a member of any other groups in the past

2. Primary Contacts

We require two primary contacts, with at least one phone number each. The e-mail addresses are used for all communications via the online OSM tool, and for notification of upcoming events your child is registered for.
Name of contact
Name of contact
if different
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3. Emergency Contact

The Emergency Contact is for critical situations where neither Primary contact can be reached. A relative, neighbour, or friend can be put here (but please ask their permission first!)

4. Medical Details

Medical details are required so that we are aware of any special needs for your child, and who to contact in the event of an emergency.
If your child has any Allergies or Medical COnditions we should be aware of, please give all relevant details and any other information that may be necessary

5. Other Information

Is there any other information that we should be aware of?
This might include unusual family situations, special needs, or recent traumatic events. This information is kept confidential, and is requested in order to ensure your child has a safe and enjoyable time while at Scouts.

6. How You can Support our Group

Our Scout group is run entirely by volunteers. We always need people to help out, either with administration as part of the Committee; as a Parent Helper at events and meetings; or as a Scout Leader, running meetings and events.
Please check any boxes where you think you may be able to contribute

7. Submit the Form