Learn New Zealand Sign Language

NZSL Alphabet

This handout sheet tells you how to spell your name in NZSL, and how to say “My name is…”

With this, you should be able to introduce yourself in New Zealand’s third official language!

You can also learn more NZSL interactively at the Sign Ninja website if you want to, and find out how to communicate silently.

There is also an online video dictionary or NZSL available at https://www.nzsl.nz/

This video shows you how to sign the Scout BRAVO cheer. Watch carefully, and see the signs for “Give Me” followed by the letters B, R, A, V, and O; and then the signs for “What All-together Have [Question]?” followed by the handwaving that means “Bravo!”

Sign Language Scout BRAVO cheer : Kindly demonstrated by Michael H

Here are a few examples of Sign Language for you to try out:

Some tips for when communicating in NZSL

  • Remember to use your facial expression to support your meaning
  • Use the Scout Sign to mean “Scouts”
  • Sign in front of your chest (not too low down) so that your hands and face are visible together
  • Don’t make your signs too small (whispering) or really big (shouting)
  • If you don’t know the word, then spell it, or mime it.