Cubs Awards Scheme

Location of badges

Badges are to be sewn onto the uniform in the appropriate place.  You can see a diagram of this here.

When it is time to remove badges from your uniform (such as when moving to a new Section, or when you have more than 3 Event badges) you can place the badges onto your Campfire Blanket.  There are also some special badges which are only ever placed on the blanket, and not on the uniform.

Cub Badge

A Kea moving to Cubs or a new entrant needs to learn about the Cub Section.  The Cub Badge covers that introductory knowledge.  If the Cub was previously a Kea, then they will also get a ‘Kea Link’ badge (a small orange chain symbol) to show this.

The Cub badge is awarded when the entrant is invested into the Cubs section.  Typically, this will be a few weeks after they join, but may be delayed due to other events.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels

The award scheme is based on participating in activities and “learning by doing”.  It has three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) based on the programme cornerstones, each of which is made up of four sections. The Cornerstones are:

  • Outdoors,
  • Community,
  • Personal Development,
  • New Experiences.

To earn each level of the Core Award, Cubs need to complete:

  • Three activities in each of the sections of the “Outdoors”, “Community” and “Personal Development” cornerstones;
  • One activity in each section of the “New Experiences” cornerstone.

The Core badges are awarded as the Cub progresses through the year and meets requirements.

Personal Challenge badges

Cubs can be awarded Personal Challenge badges if they have performed the tasks to meet the requirements.  The list of the requirements for each badge is in the Award book (see below).

To be awarded a badge, the Cub needs to:

  • Perform the tasks as listed in the Award book.  There is a summary for the tasks here:  Cub Awards
  • Prepare the necessary evidence that the tasks were completed.  Most tasks will require at least a few paragraphs to be written detailing what they have done and what they have learnt.  Photographs of tasks being performed, and any items created (such as for the Artist badge) should also be included.  For some achievements, such as Athletics or Swimming, the signature of a parent or teacher next to the item in the book is appropriate.
  • The evidence should be given to a Leader at the den, who will ask some questions to follow up on what has been learnt.  They may ask the Cub to demonstrate or display their skills or achievements to the rest of the pack.

When they have earned an Award, it will be presented at the closing ceremony.  Parents are welcome to take photographs if they wish.  The Cub should then sew the badge onto their uniform in the appropriate place.

In the (rare) event that a Cub manages to earn every Personal Challenge badge in the book, they are eligible for a special award.

Event Badges

Occasionally, special badges will be awarded for attendance at certain events (for example, the ANZAC Day ceremony).  These badges may be placed on the uniform, but there should not be more than 3 of them at any one time.  Older badges may then be placed on the Cubs’ campfire blanket.

Leader Badges

ChilIndividual Leaders may award their own badges to Cubs who have made a special achievement or effort.  These are placed on the campfire blanket.  There are also other special blanket badges awarded for excelling in various activities.

Recognition Badges

Any Cub scout (or member of any other section) that makes a significant contribution to Scouting may be able to earn a special recognition badge.

These are given at three levels, those being in increasing order of importance – Group, Zone, and National.  These badges are for significant achievement, and are worn on the uniform.

Outline of Cubs Award Scheme

The Cub Section Award Scheme is effectively a link between the Kea and Scout schemes.  It moves the emphasis from participation towards proficiency in skills and activities.

These items may be purchased from Scouts Direct:

Alternatively, you can download and print a copy of the Leader’s Manual which details all of the awards and what is required to earn them.



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