Scouts with Special Needs

Joining Captain Musick Air Scouts

If your child has special needs, then this does not need to be a barrier to joining Scouts.   Scouting is not about what they can do; and it is certainly not about what they can’t do.  What it is about, in the words of our founder, is Doing Your Best.

Please discuss with the appropriate section leader if your child has any special needs, so that we can do our best to accommodate them. This may require us to bring additional equipment, or have additional emergency contact information.  In some cases, it may be advisable for you or your partner to join our group as either a Parent Helper, or even as a full Leader if you wish.

Den accessibility

The car park next to our den has two disabled parks available.

Our den is on one level, and has a disabled-access toilet.  However, there is a single step up into the den from the path; if necessary a Leader can provide help.

Some events outside the den may be more difficult; these can be handled on a case by case basis.

Scouting Rulebook

The Scouting Association New Zealand Rulebook makes the following statement:

39. Scouts with Special Needs
(a) Special needs Scouting is an extension of the ideals, training and activities of Scouting, to include all young people with physical or intellectual special needs.
(b) Scouts with special needs should be invested in ordinary Groups if possible, and should take as full a part as possible in the activities of the Club, Pack, Troop or Unit.