Please Note The section is currently full, spaces are expected to be available again from Term 4, 2020.

Tuesdays 6-30pm to 8pm

The Cub program makes full use of the need for adventure and vivid imagination’s of children between the ages of 8yrs to 11 yrs. Games, simple skills, outdoors, crafts, basic scouting, camping etc.

Every year, we have a weekend camp; sponsored walk; hikes; and other special events in addition to our normal program.  We also help fundraise for the group and for Jamboree.

For more general information about joining, see our page on Joining CMAS.

You can download and print the Becoming a Cub booklet if you wish.

To contact the Cubs section leader, please email:

Christmas awards
Howick historical walk
Abseiling at Cub Camp
Cub Camp
Cub Camp - making shelters
Howick Walk
Cleanup service
Climbing at Extreme Edge
Collecting for Sallies at Christmas
Cub hike in Hunua Ranges
Anzac Parade
Cub Camp
Anzac Parade