First cubs of 2017


First Cubs of the new year all done!

Well, that was a bit different.  Teaching the Cubs how to raise one of the large scouting tents – and most of us had only done it once, at leader’s training.  Fortunately, Kaka is highly qualified and experienced in the process, so all went well.   The Cubs seemed to have a great time, and felt a real sense of achievement when they had the tents up and stable.

Running without Jamie is a bit more work, as she used to have the organisation down solid for the entire term; however we should be able to get into the swing of things without too much trouble.  Let’s see how it all works out over the next few weeks.

We have the Internet connection back in the den, after a few weeks’ outage; however it is still a little patchy, due to poor quality of the phone line.  This is something else that will have to be addressed over the term.  The WiFi password has changed, as well, so people will need to ask a Leader for the new password if they wish to use the connection while waiting in the den.

Next week is Athletics.  We’ll be measuring the Cubs’ ability in sprints, long jump, high jump, and throwing, to see which Athletics Personal Challenge badges they can earn.